Essay about Analysis Of Mary Shelley 's ' Frankenstein '

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In Frankenstein, Mary Shelley portrays the idea that positive connections draw people to their better selves, by demonstrating that no companionship in a person’s life can lead to their downfall which limits the potential of being good. Connections can guide positive choices, which can ultimately uplift a person emotionally. Making good choices and having a good state of mind can lead to increasing a person’s health. Victor and Walton, the protagonists, lack companionship because they are self-involved, and are oblivious to the outside world. To increase their solitude, they both pursue obsessions that limits their potential of success showing that nature is unassailable. During Victor’s solitude, he makes a monster who is brought into the world with no guide hindering a healthy survival. The old man Delacey, the neighbor of the monster, has companions who protect him. If people lack connections, their downfall is bound to happen, but when people have positive connections, they are guided to make positive choices. An example of a positive connection could be simply as having an adult, or friend to guide a person and educate them to make good choices, deciding right from wrong. Victor grows up in Naples, his parents, Alphonse and Caroline teach Victor all the values that he should carry throughout his life, and pass down to his children. Victor’s parents teach him, “a lesson of patience, of charity, and of self-control” (Shelley 19). Victor is lucky to have parents that…

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