Analysis Of Mary Shelley 's ' Frankenstein ' Essay

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Mary Shelley 's Frankenstein was inspired by the works of Benjamin Franklin combined with tragedy in her own life. Benjamin Franklin’s work with electricity only 66 years earlier had filled society with excitement over the possibilities for its uses, including the potential to re-animate the dead. Mary Shelley 's past was filled with death; losing three children, a stepsister, and her mother. Victor Frankenstein combined these two influences to fight death with electricity, and brought Frankenstein 's monster to life. Although he did not discover electricity, that honor goes to William Gilbert; Benjamin Franklin was the first to recognize that electricity was more than something to be used to create sparks in a magic show (Bellis). Using his famous kite experiment on June 10, 1752, Franklin proved that lightning and electricity are the same thing. Franklin, however, wanted to discover practical uses for electricity. Through his experiments, he discovered polarity. Polarity is the property of electricity of having a positive and negative pole. Franklin’s experiences led to his “Single Fluid Theory”. This theory stated that when something is being charged with electricity, the charge flows from the positive pole to the negative pole (Benjamin).
As a matter of fact, Franklin’s work on electricity inspired other scientists to begin experimenting with electricity. One such scientist was Luigi Galvani. In the late 1770’s, he built on the discoveries of Franklin. He discovered…

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