Analysis Of Martin Luther 's Theses Essay

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“Martin Luther’s Theses.” Martin’ Luther’s 95 Theses. KDG Wittenberg, 1997. Web 21 September 2016.
This source is a secondary source because the first paragraph is written in third person, which is giving an overview of what the 95 theses is about. The person who wrote that introduction paragraph gave their interpretation of the 95 theses. By giving their interpretation it makes others see it from that perspective or even not judging the theses by the facts that are presented in there. The facts that are written in the theses is for life lessons and what the person who wrote the introduction paragraph trying to say. Once the paragraph is over the 95 theses is listed down below so that people can take another look at it and see the actual meaning behind it or even change their interpretation of what they thought of it before if the interpretation of it before wasn’t nice.
Martin Luther was a monk who studied the Bible and questioned the practices of the Catholic Church while he was studying the Bible. The Church is called Wittenberg, which is located in Germany. When studying the bible he found points where the Bible and the Catholic Church disagreed on things because of this disagreement on October 31, 1517 Martin Luther made the 95 theses which was a list of places where he thought the Church had went wrong. After he made the list he put it on the door of the Catholic Church so that everyone can see it while entering the Church and read it.
After nailing the 95 theses to…

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