Steve Jobs Contribution To Mazzucato's Success

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When it comes to innovation, author Mariana Mazzucato of The Entrepreneurial State (2013) has a major factor that contributes to the innovation and the entrepreneurial economy. Mazzucato brings forth the idea that the states play an extensive role in the success of most innovations. A primary example, that Mazzucato uses is the growth of Apple. Apple is seen as one of the most innovative and powerful companies on the market. Besides having determination, hard work, and motive (which all great innovations must have), Apple had major support from the government, which allowed the company to be successful. At the start of Apple, they received direct equity investment support. Throughout Apple’s history, they also received access to technologies from the government, military, and public contracts that was all backed by the state or the federal government …show more content…
Mazzucato would most likely be for artificial intelligence (AI) under a few circumstances and understandings. The first condition she would want for people inventing AI is for them to be hard working, determined, and motivated because those are the key essentials in making an innovation successful (similar to Steve Jobs). Mazzucato would also bring to attention that accomplishing this feat of AI would require immense assistance from the government and the public.
Joseph Schumpeter, writer of Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy (1942), introduces some key concepts in understanding the culture of how innovation influences a capitalist society and the influence on the products preceding an invention. When it comes to new innovative products and ideas, most people in society find the innovations to be useful. Joseph Schumpeter argues that too much

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