Essay on Analysis Of Marian E. Lewes 's Letter, Lewes

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There are many ways in which writers are able to delineate their own thoughts of the world and share them with those willing to listen. Often, however, it is a daunting task that requires the support of “the most sympathetic of companions”. In Marian E. Lewes’ response to Melusina Peirce’s letter, Lewes encourages Peirce by utilizing a familiar tone which deepens their connection, numerous personal examples which serve to provide evidence and bolster her position and applications of metaphors in describing the blossoming writer. Her writing conveys her compassionate character and delivers her message of support.
Lewes molds an amicable tone of effusive generosity and candor that emanates throughout the piece. Complimenting Peirce on her “words of tenderness” and the “details [she] tells”, Lewes articulates that she can’t “keep total silence towards” Pierce and implies that Peirce has an extraordinary ability in the realm of writing that elicits this letter of support. In keeping with her benevolent character, Lewes proceeds to humble herself in stating that she “is not of the triumphant kind”, thus bridging the chasm between novice and master and establishing a frank and honest discourse. Later, in asking “Does this seem melancholy?”, she not only describes her belief that “any sort of self-flattery” is “melancholy” but also expresses a spirited and familiar attitude. She then humorously describes how her own husband “is so delighted when something good or pretty” comes to…

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