Curley's Wife American Dream Analysis

In “Of Mice and Men” success in Curley’s wife eyes is being a famous actress and gaining her own independence. Curley’s wife is a fifteen-year old, who desired to be a famous actress in Hollywood. However, Lennie killed her; thus, causing Lennie to fragmentized her dreams. Before her death, her mother and husband oppressed her, preventing her from fulfilling her desires, which lead to her becoming morose over the years. Curley’s wife definition of success is being a famous actress, having independence and not being oppressed. Curley’s wife had the chance to become an actress with the help of an actor and a contractor; thus, fulfilling her American Dream. When the circus came, an actor offered her a job in the circus, “Says I could go with that show” (Steinbeck 88). This reveals that she had the chance to become an actress, but couldn’t since her …show more content…
Her mother prevents her from being an actor due to her young age, “She (mother) says because I was on’y fifteen years old” (Steinbeck 89). This reveals that her mother is a hindrance to her success, and prevented her from achieving her American Dream. This further reveals Curley’s wife desire for independence, which stems from her mother’s overprotection. Consequently, her mother’s contemptuous belief towards her dream, forces Curley’s Wife to move away. She decides to leave her mother and go make something of herself, where she won’t be held back, “ Well I wasn’t gonna stay no place where I couldn’t ...make something of myself…” (Steinbeck 88). This puts emphasis on her dilemma, since her dreams of becoming an actress had become obsolete due to her mother’s interference. This further shows the complexity of her situation; thus, causing her to live under oppression and losing her personal identity. Becoming independent in her life, and making her own choices in life is another factor in her definition of

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