Analysis Of Malcolm X And Martin Luther King Jr Essay

1807 Words Nov 9th, 2016 8 Pages
American society, over the course of time, has shown itself to be profoundly resistant to change. In order for real change to occur in this nation one of two things must occur; a viable benefit for those in power or a formidable threat. This is especially evidenced in cases of civil rights and the nation 's relationship with African Americans. As evidenced throughout American history, political and social change has only been allowed when it is advantageous to the nation 's leaders and/ or the economy. The emancipation proclamation, for instance, was not a result of President Lincoln’s abolitionist beliefs or moral compass, but a political strategy to win the civil war. This does not conclude that citizens of the United States are powerless to the will of the elite, but that the public must provide incentive for change. Malcolm X made a very similar assertion theorizing that powerful members of society must feel a threat to their personal wealth or security in order to effect change. Though Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr are painted as opposites, many of Martin Luther King Jr.’s achievements during the civil rights movement actually relied on this theory. Both parties knew that white America would need to feel threatened, but Martin Luther King felt this would be best executed through non-violent and legal methods. President Barack Obama echoes the ideas of Martin Luther King Jr. by proposing that progress can be achieved through legal and political methods. It is…

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