Analysis Of ' Macbeth ' By William Shakespeare Essay

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Lesson 7 paper
1. Find at least three places of peripety, where the emotion of fear is replaced by the emotion of pity.
I feel like the first place would have been during the first murder scene with Duncan; when Macbeth’s wife puts the pressure on him to follow through with the murder. There is a sense of fear that she is creating and then you pity him with how she manipulates him into following through with it. Another one in my eyes would be when the porter rings. You can sense that feeling of fear that everything that’s been down is going to be exposed; then follows further decent, you have an over whelming sense of pity as you know he has passed the point of no return. One that I especially like is the end of the play when Macbeth is boosting to Macduff about not being able to be killed by a man that was born naturally; he then realizes that Macduff was not, and you instantly can tell the fear in his heart—then follows the pity of all those wasted lives for nothing.
2. How is the plot arranged? Where is the complication and where is the denouement? Suggest the place where you think the main climax of the tragedy comes. Explain why you think this is the place.
The Plot is arranged in a 5 Act sequence Act one being the Prologue, Act two being the conflict, Act three being the rising action and climax, Act four being the falling action and Act five being the denouement and catastrophe. For Macbeth the complication arose after the killing of Duncan and then peaked when the…

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