Analysis Of Likeness And Unity : Debunking The Creation Order Fallacy

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A Summary of “In Likeness and Unity: Debunking the Creation Order Fallacy” by Allison J. Young In her article “ In Likeness and Unity: Debunking the Creation Order Fallacy,” Allison J. Young talks about the creation of man and woman. Young argues that in there is no evidence stating that man is dominated over woman, but are created equally. Young states, “ Man and woman were both given equal dominion over the earth and its creatures” (Young). She also goes on to say that while both are created equal, man and woman are different when it comes to manhood and womanhood. In Genesis first chapter we learn that“both were created equal in value” (Young). Young takes a closer look at Genesis 1 and realized that man and woman were given the same task to care for the earth. She states that the only difference is that one is male and the other is female. In the Genesis 2 she can clearly see why Eve is created. Eve is not created to be a slave or subject to Adam, but rather a partner. The only reason she was created was so man did not have to wonder the earth alone. Before God created Eve, He wanted Adam to realize that he needed someone that look liked him. Adam was tasked with naming the animals and realized that none of them would be a suitable partner to him. Young argues that the reason Eve was created second was because God wanted Adam to realize that he needed a partner. It does not mean that Eve was inferior, but was Adam’s equal. Young also goes on to say…

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