Analysis Of Leroi Jones 's ' Dutchman ' Essay

1104 Words Oct 20th, 2016 5 Pages
The current state of this nation is quite turbulent, there is constant conflict between blacks and whites. It is a situation that is quite complex and unpleasant and to capture this America’s state that we are facing and depict it in a one-act play is nothing short of amazing. Leroi Jones in his play Dutchman set in the 1960s, is able to carefully craft a situation that at first might seem mundane, and fill it with deeper meaning. He utilized his characters, Clay and Lula, to represent both black and white America. Throughout this play we see both characters interact and have conversation. A conversation that as it transpires, one can see the depth behind both these characters and what they represent. Through the protests of the Civil Rights movement one is able to see just how widespread the feeling of wanting both equality and unity actually is, as opposed to the current situation of “separate but equal”. Some feel that it is not yet possible for society to shed the feelings disunion, whereas others are more hopeful and believe that colored and white people will be able to harmonize with one another. Clay appears to adhere to the latter group of thinking, he is young and hopeful, he wants to believe that people will be able to see past his skin complexion. We are quickly introduced to Clay, as we see him sitting alone on a subway cart reading a magazine with the occasional peek outside the window. One can quickly infer that Clay is or at the very least attempts to looks…

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