Analysis Of Lee Daniels ' The Butler Essay

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Overview/relevance Lee Daniels’ The Butler is relevant to society because the events depicted in the film actually occurred. The film portrays the civil rights movement and the events that took place during the movement to obtain racial equality. The oppression of African Americans is still a current issue in today’s modern society. African Americans are still discriminated against on the Meso- and micro- level. Society has advanced some, however, African Americans are still not completely equal to whites
Lee Daniels made this film to portray the callousness and violence of the whites during the protests that took place during the civil rights movement. Daniels wanted to show the extremely segregated and discriminatory events that took place in the southern states.
According to IMDb, the estimated budget for the film was $30,000,000. The gross sales worldwide were $179,598,908. On opening weekend in the United States alone the gross sales were $24,637,317. The gross sales in the U.S.A. by 17 February 2014 were $116,631,310. On opening weekend in the U.K., the film’s gross sales were £794,044. In non-U.S.A. Countries on opening weekend, the gross sales were $59,966,813.
Cecil Gaines, grew up on a plantation as a “house nigger.” Cecil eventually leaves the plantation and finds a job at an elite hotel in Washington, D.C. Cecil is then offered to work as a butler at the White House. Cecil serves eight different presidents during his employment at the White House.…

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