Analysis Of Leaver Culture And Individualism In Ishmael

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Ishmael describes Leaver culture as not having to work to hard and grow to the hardships of nature. Leaver culture is about being a community with each other and working of one another. There are some similarities to Leaver culture and Individualism, but there are many differences. Individualism is about each being having inherent value, which Ishmael believes. He also believes that each has its place within a community. Leaver culture is about living of nature and being connected to it. Leaver culture is not focused on each being but a collective group. Individualism is about treating each person with equal value and equal consideration. Taker culture believes in the search of knowledge and has this idea of how to improve the culture through inventions and sciences. Leaver culture considers nature in how it improves with the …show more content…
Every few sections I had to put the book down to really think about what I just read. It made me question everything I have been told about what to do with my life. I was always told to find a job that would do the world better, referring to a science or other industrialized career. Realistically, we live in a Taker society where everything revolves around money. We cannot survive in this society with out money. The world is changing and we need to learn how to balance both a Taker and Leaver societies as one. One of the main themes of Ishmael that really stuck with me is how we look at science and how it is a type of myth. As a Taker society we see it as facts, but they are only things we have found and proved by our Taker belief system. We have never questioned: “Is this the only way?” We see Native American traditional life as a thing of the past or as something foreign and exotic. Most have made it into a joke; when it is a way of life. How are we supposed to question our being if we are only shown one side? Ishmael has made me think about the holes in our Taker

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