Analysis Of ' Lather And Nothing Else ' By Hernando Tellez Essay

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That’s it, that’s all Wearing a mask can be physical and descriptive but while both need explanation only one uses a form of art. This is the wearing of a mask in a metaphoric sense. As human beings we have the option to create an image for ourselves that we 'd like everyone else to see us as; we choose which aspects of our personality we omit to others and also choose what faker aspects of ourselves we would like to share. This can result in a mask that doesn’t show who we really are and what we really intend but is accepted and believed by most people no matter the circumstance. In the short story “Lather and Nothing Else,” by Hernando Tellez, the idea of the story is not conveyed through the narrator but is instead told by an important character in the story named Captain Torres. Tellez applies proximity and repetition to authorize the kind of outer observations that we may assume and to remind the reader that while outer opinions may seem calm and collected, inner disturbance is a necessary consequence for the people who have created an imposing mask for themselves, these events lead up to the final acknowledgement of what and who lies behind the mask of the captain. In the revealing of his questionable and mixed up character, Hernando Tellez attempts to give the idea to the reader that possibly perception based on personal consideration is not always as accurate as it may seem.
Frequently, most people are…

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