Essay about Analysis Of Krashen 's Theory Of Language Acquisition

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OPTION A: Krashen 's Theory of Language Acquisition in my School District
The Chicago Public Schools district, in which I work, offers a program for English Language learners with the goal to help students become proficient in the English language. In Chicago Public School there are about 70, 400 students who in 2015 were identified as being English Language Learners. According to Chicago Public Schools, English Language Learners have a right to participate in an educational program for English Learners. In order for a student to participate in the English Language Learner program, students must first be classified or identified as an English Language Learner. Chicago Public Schools identifies students as English Learners by having each student complete a survey when they enroll in a Chicago Public School for the first time. The parent or the legal guardian completes a survey that includes a home language survey that asks two questions: 1. Is a language other than English spoken in the home; 2. Does the student speak a language other than English? If the answers given are that yes the student speaks another language and yes a language other than English is spoken in the home; then, the student is classified as an English Language Learner. The next step is to test the student’ s English proficiency level. This is done by testing the student and assessing his/her listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. After the student is tested, depending on the results of…

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