Analysis Of Julia Alvarez 's ' Dusting ' Essays

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Julia Alvarez is a New York born Afro-American. Shortly after her mother gave birth to her, her family packed their belongings and moved back to the Dominican Republic. At the age of 10, Alvarez immigrated back with her family (“Julia Alvarez” 1). It was this move that opened her up and forced her to experience a clash of cultures. This childhood shaped with a dual culture becomes evident in many of her most popular works. Alvarez is a well-known author and poet. One of her most popular poems is “Dusting”. “Dusting” is a parental poem whose focus is on the shaping influence that parents have over children (Alvarez 622). Parental poems may range from expressing positive sentiments of love and gratitude to focusing on negative emotions such as detachment, resentment, and anger which are all depicted towards their parents as a result of childhood experiences. “Dusting” was written during the confessionalism era, a movement in the mid 1950s in which poets began to write about personal experiences (Alvarez 622). Poems of this time focused on real experiences and the writer’s unique attitude towards the subject. In “Dusting”, the daughter expresses negative emotions towards her mother in an attempt to rebel and create a life of success.

The main idea or theme in “Dusting” is a great indicator of the unsatisfactory life that trapped Alvarez. The poem is focused on a child’s inability to appreciate and understand the true struggle and sacrifices that a parent endures for his or…

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