Essay on Analysis Of Josh Fox 's Gasland

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Creditability changes perception. In today’s society people will listen and believe anything as long as they trust the source. In Josh Fox’s Gasland he builds this trust and creditability through the use of pathos. Viewers sympathize with the small town man from Pennsylvania whose peaceful lifestyle has been invaded by the negative effects of fracking. The interactions with fellow victims seem real and genuine; the audience begins to feel remorse for the health and well being of those affected. A lot of attention was brought to the film and viewers fear Fox’s statements are true. Phil Mcaleer creates the documentary FrackNation to supposedly expose the truth about fracking to clear up the controversy. However, the documentary is more of a direct rebuttal against Gasland as it directly disproves every statement made by Fox. Gasland’s Josh Fox is portrayed as an irrelevant source through the use of logical fallacies. Ad hominem is the first logical fallacy used to degrade Fox in FrackNation. Josh Fox makes it his sole purpose to reveal fracking’s destruction on the environment. When Josh Fox is introduced in FracNation, an image of him with a cigarette in his mouth is the first thing displayed (Mcaleer, 2013). Cigarettes are known to be one of the most littered items in the world; this automatically discredits him as “environmentally cautious”. With cigarette smoking’s negative effects on the body, this image also discredits his appreciation for general health of the people.…

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