Analysis Of John Updike 's ' Rabbit Run ' Essay

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“Rabbit Run” was written by John Updike. The decisions that a person makes in life can either a positive or negative implications. The implications don’t just affect an individual, but can also affect people around them. Every day we make decisions that can affect people around us. Before making a rush decision, you need to think things through so you can prevent any future regrets. It illustrates how the decisions made by a young man in his life affect the people that surround him. The novel gave the audience a glimpse of the life in America in the 1950s.
The novel presents the story of Harry “Rabbit” Angstrom, who is in the twenties and thinks that his married life seems to limit him. Rabbit married his wife after getting her pregnant. It became more critical when his wife gets pregnant again after two years. He is not satisfied with his job and hence decides to run away from his responsibilities; both work and family. That explains the title of the book Rabbit Run. Harry got the name rabbit when he was playing basketball in high school. Harry was the star player of his basketball team. While going home from work, he decided to play basketball with some neighborhood boys, it brought back memories of when he was a star player and how his life turned out. His is unhappy with his job…

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