Essay on Analysis Of John Green Looking For Alaska

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The use of symbolism in literature is very vital for the author to further the readers understanding of context in the novel. This is especially evident in the novel Looking for Alaska by John Green, where symbolism is used as a critical literary device for explaining the deeper meaning to simplex objects in the novel. The use of symbolism is found in three distinctive objects of white flowers, cigarettes, and “famous last words” all shown throughout the novel. As the story develop aspects of the three objects tie together in explaining a deeper meaning of the motif of death to the understanding of the characters in the novel and the reader. In John Green Looking for Alaska symbolism plays a key role in providing importance and explanation of the motif of death through white flowers, cigarettes and “famous last words”.

For instance, the use of the symbol of the white flower is connected with the main character of Alaska. The use of symbolism with the white flowers is the author way of helping the reader understand the character of Alaska in a deeper meaning. White flowers are referenced numerous times to the character of Alaska throughout the novel until her death where they were discovered. The colour white of the flower tends to connect with purity. When in reference to the character of Alaska the colour of the flowers symbolize her purity in the novel.

Not only does the flower represent purity of Alaska but, it contributed to the motif of death throughout the novel.…

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