Analysis Of Ji Yeon Yuh 's Article ' Imagined Community - Sisterhood And Resistance Among Korean Military Brides

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In Ji-Yeon Yuh’s article “Imagined Community – Sisterhood and Resistance among Korean Military Brides in America, 1950-1996,” she points out the hardship that military brides had gone through since they migrated from Korean camptown to reside permanently in the United States with their husbands who once served in the military service. In the introduction, Yuk mentions that most of military brides did not sense happiness in their marriages, “some were in the middle of second or third marriages, and few had experienced stable married lives. Some were divorced and living alone.”(Yuk, 221) This can be concluded as that they were suffering disrespect and discrimination from their husbands and the American society. Yuk interprets this phenomenon of complexity in racial and gender dynamics within home and society as resistance in her article. She deems this force of resistance was originally from that people presumed these military brides’ former job positions were prostitutes and these military brides also felt that they were not properly accepted by the American society even though they already had American citizenships. Yuk argues that although these military brides had none personal connection to militarized prostitution in the camptown, most of them asserted people’s absurd presumption had profound influence to their lives in America. And later, this force of resistance motivated military brides to establish some organizations in both Korea and America to promote their…

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