Analysis Of Jhumpa Lahiri 's ' The Other Hand Morales ' Essay

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As immigrants in the beginning we all have different stories, but many times what threads us together is where we end up. Two girls with two different cultures, languages, foods and music found themselves mixed between their home culture and the American culture. Jhumpa Lahiri, was born in England to Indian parents who decided to migrate to the United States, at the time Lahiri was two years old. As of today she is a Pulitzer Prize recipient for her outstanding work in fiction. In the other hand Morales was born and raised in Puerto Rico and migrated to the United States at the age of thirteen years old. In today 's world she is recognize for her work as an author and for her work within the Latina feminist group. As expected growing up bicultural brought many identity challenges to both of them Morales and Lahiri experienced the assimilation process differently from each other. But apart from their differences they both grew up between both worlds stepping into one and then the other making them who they are today rich in culture and life experience worth of two in one. Although Morales and Lahiri had a different connection to their home culture and Lahiri was more eager to become American as a child they both experienced what it means to be an immigrant.
Both authors carry a very strong sense of their home cultures in a different level. Being born and raised in Puerto Rico Morales has more knowledge about her culture through experiences she gained while living there. In…

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