Analysis Of Jesse Prinz 's Article ' The Death Of Morality ' Essay

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In Jesse Prinz’s article “The Death of Morality,” he argues that culture is the source of human morality and values can be different because of changing cultural environment. Jesse Prinz believes that values of absolute truth do not exist, all we can do is tolerance. He also argues that morality is based on human emotional response and it is developed by culture. He believes that the truth of the moral judgement is based on who is going to make it. In James Rachels’s article “The challenge of cultural relativism,” he argues that different cultures have different ethical codes and it is no way of objectively criticizing other cultures. There is no objective and universal standard of conduct what human ought to be obeyed, and Cultural relativism is not the right way to explain different cultures. Also, he believes that there is no truth of the morality. Moral values are changed because of their environment, but people share the same values in common. Both authors talk about their attitude toward relativism, they held different opinions in Morality, while I think Prinz’s argument of morality seems stronger than Rachel because he thinks the difference in circumstances doesn’t mean people share values in common and refutes the People view is consistent with the values and he demonstrated morality is based on human emotional response.
Prinz thinks differences in different circumstances doesn’t show people share values, but help to explain why values can be different. He gives…

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