A Foucauldian Critique Of James Ferguson's Anti Political Machine

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The book Anti Politics machine is a Foucauldian critique in development. James Ferguson describes different stages of development programs that took place in a small landlocked country called Lesotho completely surrounded by South Africa. It has a population of 2 million where 40% of them live below International Poverty line of US . Thaba-Tseka is a district in Lesotho and its capital Camptown is the only town in the district. Same as it is historically and geographically isolated, the Third world countries made it economically isolated and called it traditional as their agencies couldn’t bring any form of economic stability. It was also a labor reserve for the South African mines. So Thaba-Tseka project is an effort to create major changes …show more content…
It was a drastic step taken by the government after India got its independence to recover from the Bengal famine, one of the most dreadful disasters, killing millions out of starvation. This project concentrated on cultivating rice with genetic varieties in large quantity by choosing few states and expanding this type of farming land. It provided employment, political and economic benefits by producing surplus and high status interms of agriculture in the world. Thaba-Tseka project would have been more successful if crop cultivation was focused in few selected areas, training the farmers and find the suitable crop or a variety for production.
Many of them who took up farming where not real farmers but took up farming as a profession. Now Thaba came up with another programme called Food grain self sufficiency programme (FSSP) where the government do an agreement with the land owners to cultivate crops using machinery in their lands and share the profits. But FSSP also had the same fate as machinery needed more money and remained a failure. The only solution found to advance Lesotho’s agriculture was privatization of the land and a successful farmer who knows the pros and corns in improving the agricultural

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