Analysis Of Jamaica Kincaid 's ' Girl ' Essay

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“Tough Love” Since we were born there was always one person we relied on which would be our mothers, if we were fortunate to have her, because moms are our care takers till we are able to do things on our own as they guide us through the process, once we are on our own mothers are always there to demonstrate the correct way no matter your age. Sometimes mothers are so pushy with small details because they want the best out of us and know we can achieve so much. In the story “Girl” (Kincaid pg. 184-185) the author Jamaica Kincaid is portrayed as the narrator/mother in the story and I believe she wanted the best for her daughter even though she was a bit harsh, vulgar, and judgmental. All these characteristics are used to parent her daughter with tough love. You could take it as the mother not knowing how to parent or simply being rude, but the mothers cultural background must be looked at in order to judge her. Whether this parenting is affective or acceptable just remember everyone has a different perspective and background on how to guide children. If looked at into depth the mother in “Girl” is actually an affectionate, loving mother that parents her daughter with tough love. In order to understand why the mother parents her daughter as she does we need to know a little background information about her to see her perspective. When reading about the author it states that she was, “Raised in poverty by her homemaker mother and carpenter stepfather on the small Caribbean…

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