Summary Of Terry Mcmillan's Book Mama

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To complete my final exam project, I decided to read Terry McMillan’s book, Mama. For a while, I procrastinated about reading this book, but once I started reading, I didn’t stop until I was finished. The book was so vividly descriptive, that I could see the images in my mind. In the story, three main concepts were well represented Mate Selection, Heterosexual Cohabitation, and Divorce.
Mama is about a young woman named Mildred Peacock with five children (Freda, Bootsey, Money, Angel, and Doll) who live in the small town of Point Haven, Michigan. After getting rid of her abusive husband of ten years, Crook, she finds herself continuously struggling. She takes on any job that is hiring just to have some income. To help fill her growing void of loneliness, she has numerous relationships, some for love and some just for lust. As her children are growing up, Mildred feels that it is time to make a change in her life.
Once her oldest daughter, Freda, graduates from high school, she ventures off to
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They divided the household labors between the two of them. While he was out fighting fires, she was at his apartment cooking and cleaning. In my opinion, I think Freda and James moved in together as a result of both push and pull factors. Based off of her previous relationships and watching her mother marry and divorce multiple times, Freda was disenchanted with traditional dating and courtship. She would date and live with her significant other until she found something that she didn't like about them, then she would move on.
James, on the other hand, enjoyed the intimacy and sex on a regular basis. They had a strong physical attraction towards each other. He also enjoyed coming home to a clean apartment and a meal. In all, cohabitation ended their relationship due to different expectations. Freda wanted to move up while James wanted to be

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