Essay on Analysis Of Jack 's ' The Nightmare '

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The nightmare begun just hours prior, when Jack received an unmarked sealed package in his windowless office at Thrive Gaming. The building alone had little to acknowledge its multi-million dollar slot machine development company; located among nondescript warehouses in a maze of roadways in the Las Vegas valley.

Jack’s steroid-infused, early-twenties receptionist, Trent, strolled into his office without a knock.

Trent’s dress shirt and slacks clung to his frame as he strutted like a peacock; even though Trent proclaimed to be a straight man. Jack eyed Trent’s bubble butt and noticeable basket, all the while rotating his Chanel-set diamond ring band like a nervous twitch.

Trent tossed a mundane package atop of Jack’s heaping paperwork.

Trent simply spoke, “Security said it 's urgent.”

Townsend’s newly promoted CEO position was unrecognized by Trent.

This muscular Adonis of a receptionist annoyed Jack, and soon Trent had disappeared as he slammed the office door. Furthermore, Trent’s arrogance lingered in Jack’s mind like the ungrateful jerk he behaved towards his boss. It reminded Jack of his adolescent years.

Like those High School jocks.

Townsend overheard Trent refer about him as "His Majesty," while in the Break Room as Trent gulped down another MuscleMilk protein shake. And with Trent’s disdain attitude increasing, it was time for Jack to fire him.

To act like a man.

And have some balls.

Jack needed not to worry how Trent would survive the approaching…

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