Analysis Of `` If `` By Rudyard Kipling And `` The Road Not Taken ``

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There are many variants of choices we have to make in life, some are nugatory and facile choices to make, while others are hard and may transmute our lives thoroughly. In the poems “If” by Rudyard Kipling and “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost, each poet captures the essence of how consequential choices are. Kipling takes a more literal way of exhibiting how choices affect us while Frost shows choices in a more symbolic and consequential way that makes a reader authentically celebrate. " If" revolves around the idea of a father telling his son to keep his head while those around him loose theirs, and as they may endeavour him into to making choices that are not honourable. The father tells his son if he is able to make honourable decisions then he will genuinely become a man, and then the earth and everything in it would be his. "The Road Not Taken" takes a different approach as the speaker has to make a choice of two paths in the forest. One of the paths seems more new, and unfamiliar to take while the other seems more jaded and probably more known. The narrator struggles with this decision but eventually chooses the less peregrine path, but with a sigh as it made all the difference in his life, and he wished he could take both of them. While both "The Road Not Taken" and "If" share a similar perspective on choices, the choices that are being discussed aren 't exactly similar, as one is being discussed as choices that at made throughout life while…

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