Analysis Of I Pledge Allegiance

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I Pledge Allegiance Book Reduction I Pledge Allegiance by Chris Lynch is a phenomenal book. The book is about four friends, Ivan, Morris, Beck and Rudi.ow they pledge to another to do certain things and it helps them look out for one another. Rudi gets a draft letter from the army and the rest of them sign up with him in the four different branches to go to Vietnam. The story follows Morris and the struggles he had during the war and how he didn’t want to shoot the guns from the vessel. Morris realizes what war is really like and the effect that it had on those who are fighting it. In this man versus man conflict, the title’s significance is that they pledge to another like they have to pledge to the different branches of the service. The …show more content…
On page 183 Morris said, “If friendship has an opposite, it’s war.” All his friends are in the war due to their friendship and loyalty and at this point he realizes what the war is really like. Another great quote that Morris said is, “Somebody’s dad did that. Some-new tiny baby’s dad did that” (Lynch 178). He sees the brutality of war and how shocking it can be. He can’t believe how people who have families can do that to others who also have families. Morris stated, “My brother’s enemy is my enemy right?” (Lynch 148). This is the reason he is fighting the war, because his closest friend was drafted so he joined to help fight his friend’s enemy. I Pledge Allegiance uses many different literary techniques. Morris’ dreams foreshadow them going into the war. “I’ve had the dream a lot, It’s a nightmare” (Lynch 4). He also uses metaphor about the war since he is comparing it to a liquid. “And when the Vietnam War started pouring into my living room” (Lynch 24). He also uses a simile to describe how he ate the chicken and he later brings up about how it caused him to gain weight since he ate so much of it before he was in the navy. “Like a fish jumping to a fly” (Lynch

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