Analysis Of ' I Lay Dying ' Essay

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In As I Lay Dying there is the question of whether or not the Burdens are trying to honor each other or trying to betray each other before and after the death of Addie. The characters in the novel are met with many difficult situations in which very difficult decisions must be made. Most often it would appear that the characters try to solve these situations in ways that help themselves the most, rather than the others. However, there are some instances in which their seemingly selfish acts are justified and what would seem like an attempt to cause a struggle for others was actually an attempt to help the others from going through with something they don 't have to. A few characters stood out more than others. Darl is a character who would appear to be mostly understanding of everything that happened. The death of his mother, the situation at the river, but something that he could not get over was the fact that Jewel had a different father and he didn 't know who it was. In his attempt to figure it out he nearly killed his his brother and managed to take one of the most important things to him away from him. As we can see in Darls description of the scene, “Jewel turns back to the barn. ‘Here,’ I say; ‘Jewel!’ I grasp at him; he strikes my hand down. ‘You fool,’ I say, ‘don’t you see you can’t make it back yonder?’ The hallway hallway looks like a searchlight turned into rain. … When we are through the gap he begins to run.”(221). Jewels horse was…

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