Why I Got No Soul By Zachary Dela Rocha Analysis

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Summarise the text: Zach Dela Rocha wrote this in response to the US governments actions towards the Mexicans. He writes about how they are mistreated and even exiled when they try to come to the country for help or to survive. He writes how they are criminalised by authorities unjustly (The jura got my number on a wire tap) and how Mexicans are struggling to live and how its been normalised for a family to lose someone by the brutality of police (The mother of my child will lose her mind at my grave) The first line "i got no card so i got no soul" refers to the immigration process of becoming a permanent resident by having a green card. The song goes on to describe how they steal to feed their families (Cause I jack for Similac, not a Cadillac …show more content…
The sound UH shows us that they may be trying to speak out but cant with a hand around their neck and all that can be made out is a struggled grunt, this stirs a lot of emotion and may even make the listener feel tense or uneasy.
Metaphor- "born without a face". This refers to the indigenous people of Chiapas, who were unrepresented and ignored by the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) controlled Mexican government, but also broadly to other peoples hurt by the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). This lead to the people of the United States also feel like people ‘without a face' as there identity has been taken. Its either they speak up for the Mexican people or they belong to the majority of those too scared to speak up. repetition- As in all songs, theres a line or two repeated over and over. This gives us something to remember, something that will get stuck in our heads- artists usually make this their main message. For this song, "One motive no hope " is that hook line that will get stuck in your head. It tells us the main message that the Mexican peoples only motive is to survive even when hope is slim, causing a sadness or

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