Essay about Analysis Of Huxley 's ' Brave New World '

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Huxley’s Controlled World vs. Life in North America in 2016
The novel Brave New World by Aldous Huxley dehumanized the members of the society, so the leaders of the controlled world could enforce their motto Community, Identity and Stability. Huxley tried to portray the World in the novel as to his imagination of the modern world but the world has not advanced that greatly. Our World has become heavily reliant on technology and social conformity. However, Huxley failed to portray the future of life in the North America in 2016; no one is taking soma and, babies are born naturally with a mother and we do not have a rigid caste system.
Firstly, all citizens in Brave New World are conditioned to take soma. Soma prevents people to feel their emotions like when Bernard was told he will be relocated to Iceland by Helmholtz. Bernard swallowed four tablets of soma after being convinced by Lenina. Bernard was a loss for words as he did not know how to handle the situation because emotions like stressed, worried, and scared were all new to him. It is normal in the controlled world to take soma because through hypnopaedia the citizens know “a gramme is better than a damn.” (Huxley, 77). Soma is a way for the leaders of the world to control the society and enforce it as they are pressured on taking it and it implements the motto as it provides stability to the citizens. Soma in Brave New World is the factor behind everyone’s happiness and everyone has the same way of feeling happy by…

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