Analysis Of ' How Maggie Nelson Has Developed The Persona Using Figurative Language, Imagery And Tone

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Maggie Nelson in her collection of 240 poems uses blue colour to relay the message through the persona. The words in her work give a sequence about anticipation, apparition, philosophy, alcohol, divinity, sex, love, death and light using the persona. In Bluets colour blue is used to convey an accretion process and how to make a good judgement for a loss. In the end, blue is constellated to a collection of different connection, concurrences, reference and notes. These poems will be used in this paper to analyze how Maggie Nelson has developed the persona using figurative language, imagery and tone as the collections of poems unfold through the book. Through this, we will understand the persona in the poems and how the poet relays information to the reader through the persona
Bluets take into consideration three main components. One is the philosophical aspect which borrows from the work of the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein. Maggie references heavily to his work ‘Or of Wittgenstein, who wrote his Remarks on Color during the last eighteen months of his life while dying of stomach cancer. He knew he was dying; he could have chosen to work on any philosophical problem under the sun. He opted to write about colour. About colour and pain ' poem 23 line 9-14 (Nelson 2009). Further, there exist other poems where the poet has presented this poetic philosopher views. She also considers the lyric of the poem. To articulate private thoughts and emotions lyric is used by the poet.…

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