Essay on Analysis Of Homer 's Odyssey, Chaos And Calmness

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Storms and Tranquility
Chaos and calmness are examples of dichotomy; people and places can experience one or the other, but not both. In The Odyssey, chaos and calmness are recurring motifs that show the city of Ithaka after Odysseus leaves. The order of Ithaka eventually changes into a hectic place run by suitors. Also, the easiness of sea travel for Odysseus’ journey home stops as problems are created by the Gods. Transitions between order and disorder in The Odyssey depict the instability of Ithaka without a ruler. It also shows the different opinions characters feel toward Odysseus.
Poseidon’s overwhelming amount of power and desire for revenge creates havoc and disorder for Odysseus. This hinders his travel home and causes a lot of complications along the way. While Odysseus is on his journey home, Poseidon spots him and says to himself, “He[Odysseus] is just offshore of that island that frees him… still I can give him a rough ride, and I will”. (5.299-300) Poseidon brews up a storm in hopes of destroying Odysseus’ boat to impede with his ride home. Poseidon believes and says he “still can” create a storm, implying that he can unleash his wrath whenever he desires. The timing of the storm creates more pandemonium; Odysseus is emotionally distressed, becomes severely injured, and is unable to continue. Poseidon’s actions are a one of the profound contributing factors of chaos in The Odyssey. His revenge is unexpected to Odysseus and the once peaceful journey home…

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