Analysis Of Homer 's Odyssey By Homer Essay

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Odysseus in The Odyssey

Life is a journey and we all have hardships we face regardless of who we are. These hardships could be doing well in school, getting a driver’s license, or even a death of a loved one. Whatever one’s hardships may be, it is a part of life and one must face them in order to grow as a person. People need to experience hardships to be successful in life. In The Odyssey by Homer, Although Odysseus is smart and has good war tactics, he is prideful, self-pitiful, and rude. After skillfully winning the Trojan war, his ungrateful behavior towards the gods angers Poseidon, keeping him from reaching home for another ten years. One transforming event is when he finds out his mother is dead, another is when his men disobey his warning not to eat sacred cattle and his whole crew dies leaving him stranded in the ocean. After these hardships that Odysseus experiences, the book expresses the self-control and thoughtfulness that he shows. Before Odysseus changes, he is very prideful. Poseidon, enraged at Odysseus, brings huge waves while he is out at sea. Odysseus is fearing for his life when he sees the waves about to hit him. Even in this life threatening situation, his pride takes over. Instead of apologizing to Poseidon, he blames it on his fate. “Would to god I’d died there too and met my fate that day the Trojans swarms of them, hurled at me with bronze spear, fighting over the corpse of proud Achilles!” (5.340-343). Odysseus is also self-pitying. Just as he…

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