Essay on Analysis Of Homer 's ' Medea '

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This outburst from Medea in response to Jason’s first speech in Medea shows the reader how Medea feels about Jason directly; until now we have only seen her describe her problems of being abandoned by Jason and exiled by Creon in the abstract, or in a sort of narration of events. In this confrontation between the two of them, we see her express her emotions to him, a completely different type of situation. Jason is telling Medea that he feels bad for her, but everything that’s happened tot her has been her own fault. When presenting her case to the audience, Medea can control every aspect of the story, and can appear however she likes. However, when Jason arrives, she is forced to respond in real time, while the audience can also see who Jason is for themselves, creating a different version of Medea. Throughout the play, she appears cold and calculating, willing to go to any lengths to “deal Jason the deepest wound” (line 817), including the sacrifice of her children and even herself, as long as she is successful. In this scene, despite the high emotions running between the two of them, she manages to maintain her icy and distant image.
Vellacott’s translation of this scene embodies what one comes to expect of something ‘ancient’ like these plays. Each line is long, containing lengthier and perhaps more ‘sophisticated’ words. It feels poetic and dramatic – the qualities expected from an ancient Greek tragedy such as this one. However, despite the poetic and somewhat…

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