Analysis Of ' Heroism And The Harem ' Essay

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As I was reading “Heroism and the Harem” for the first time, I caught myself getting caught up in the elegant writing style Jowitt used to describe the nineteenth century ballerina. On page 49 of the text, we are introduced to “she”. The woman she described was “Persian, Indian or Moorish”. She was also described as provocatively beautiful”, a woman who danced on her toes. She was a ballerina of the nineteenth century. This introduction stuck out to me because of the fairytale like way the ballerina was described. Throughout the reading, I was drawn in by the interesting history of the nineteenth century ballerina, however I did find the reading difficult to sift through when it came down to finding facts. In the first few pages of “Heroism and the Harem,” we get a brief history on the East’s roles in the development of the arts. Throughout this time period, the East is referring to the eastern part of Europe. We learn about Europe 's increased interest in Egypt and Syria since 1798. The public’s interest grew because of the “archaeologists and scholars who accompanied Napoleons armies as they went into Egypt and Syria.”(Jowitt 50) This all happened along side Greece’s struggle with the Turks. Although war is devastating, it left the world with a plethora of art and literature from this century. As we approach the middle of the nineteenth century, a majority of popular Asian literature were translated in various European languages. The One Thousand and One Nights became a…

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