Essay about Analysis Of Henry James ' Brooksmith '

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Henry James’ Brooksmith is the narration by an unnamed character about his experiences with a servant names Brooksmith during and after his conversations with Brooksmith’s master Mr Offord. In the story, Brooksmith starts off as more of a background character to the narrators and Mr. Offord’s conversations. But as the story goes on, Mr.Offord becomes ill, ultimately bringing Brooksmith into the story’s spotlight. Later on in the story we see the death of Mr.Offord, and then begins the decline of Brooksmith that will lead to his speculated death.This story is full of clever devices, such as a connected sentence structure, the use of an anonymous narrator, and a theme of “reciprocity” of speech and its effects on Brooksmith, that make it the story it is. In this story Henry James uses a theme of Anonymous narration. James seems to use this so that we can see the story, but out of the perspective of the named characters. The anonymous narrator also prevents the readers from forming any sort of connection with him, and therefore leads the readers focus to Brooksmith 's story instead. The narrator also acts unbiased, and therefore leaving it up to the reader to form their own opinion. This leads to a more active read of the store, making you more aware of the plot. James also writes this story spot that the narrator gives off a feeling of wanting to know something unknown, therefore enticing the reader to read more actively and dig deeper into the story (Haralson 212).…

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