Analysis Of What You Pawn I Will Redeem

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What You Pawn, I Will Redeem” by Sherman Alexie centers on the cultural background of Native Americans Indians and their struggles in society of homelessness in America. This is a self- journey where the protagonist does his best to reclaim his culture, traditions and identity. The character of Jackson Jackson demonstrates his cultural beliefs and pride, despite his current situation of homelessness and dependency with substance abuse of alcohol. Jackson shows that all forms of humanity are meaningful, culture and beliefs are important, a positive personality, compassionate and perseverance can redeem your spirit.

My chosen prompt for the literary analysis is writing prompt number four and the first sentence is – “In some stories, characters
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This is clearly represented by Jackson’s 24-hour challenge to regain a piece of his heritage (Grandma Agnes’ powwow regalia) which is the climax of day-to-day life for a homeless Indian and the struggle in Spokane. This is one area of conflict with character and culture and how Alexie remains true to his heritage and culture, but his work must be interesting to be successful. What You Pawn, I Will Redeem reflects on the day to day survival methods not only for Spokane Indians, but also, other Indians (Yakama, Colville, Aleuts, Duwamish, and Crow), who traveled from various parts of the country and surviving in the Spokane …show more content…
The lost family story was now found and started a journey of attempting to do the right thing. Albeit Jackson was being taken advantage of by the pawn shop owner wanting $1000 for the regalia, he never took advantage of others with always displaying acts of genuine concerns, compassion, and humanity. There is a display of conflict for individual against individual. Along his journey to earn, ask or borrow the money needed to purchase the regalia, Jackson never mistreated or took advantage of anyone and would always share. Not only did he share money, he shared his knowledge of family history with stories while educating others of cultural beliefs, and spirit. His determination and pride were spiritually and physically renewed upon obtaining the powwow regalia where acts of humanity, a positive personality and perseverance

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