Analysis Of Hemingway 's Hills Like White Elephants And Moore 's `` Hills ``

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For centuries, males have had the advantage of dominance and masculinity passed down to them from generation to generation. Women have been greatly affected by this male inheritance. Male dominance can alter a woman 's perspective on not only the world, but herself. The way a man presents his dominance can be shown in several ways: language, manipulation, physical and mental abuse. Hemingway 's Hills Like White Elephants and Moore 's How To Be An Other Woman, have a strong theme of male dominance. Both Hemingway and Moore emphasize the power of male dominance, however, the man in Hemingway is more aggressive with his language than the emotionally withdrawn man from Moore. The men 's love interests are both susceptible to losing their sense of identity, the woman from Moore has a guilty conscience that will not evacuate her mind, whereas the woman in Hemingway prevents her ability to care about herself.
In Hemingway, the woman is torn between having a baby or following the man 's wishes for an abortion. The man 's language is simple yet problematic. He tries to convince her that an operation is not a big deal, "It 's really an awfully simple operation Jig. It 's not really an operation at all" (Hemingway 476). This particular operation can be harmful and mentally-hard for a woman. His insensitivity by calling it a simple operation is making her second guess herself. The man then reassures her when she asks if they will be all right and happy with the operation, "I know we…

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