Analysis Of Hayao Is A Director, Animator, And Producer Who Has A Consistent Aesthetic Style

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Hayao Miyazaki is a director, animator, and producer who has a consistent aesthetic style which contains underlying themes supported by his animation techniques. Miyazaki’s undeviating format which remains constant on the screen and behind the scene earns him the title of auteur. According to Yvonne Tasker’s “Fifty Contemporary Film Directors”, “Discussions of Miyazaki’s filmmaking have tended to focus on certain traits of his filmmaking style, particularly on his young female heroines, his use of fantasy, his didacticism around the environment and activism in Japanese youth cultures and on his love of flight and flying machines.” Howl’s Moving Castle (2004) serves as an example of Miyazaki as an auteur in the Japanese film industry.
According to Tasker, “Miyazaki’s characters are often dramatically mobile ones”. Miyazaki’s characters in Howl’s moving castle are always in constant motion, whether physically or emotionally. In this film, the main character Sophie is a hardworking hat shop employee who earns her credibility through her ability to complete tasks at a brisk pace. Even when turned into an elderly woman Sophie still manages to quickly accomplish tasks for the wizard Howl. The character Howl transforms himself into a bird-like creature, allowing him the gift of flight while combating enemies in different worlds. Howl’s castle is constantly in motion, whether it is physically picking itself up and moving, transporting to a different dimension, or through portals…

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