Analysis Of Haroun And The Sea Of Stories Essay

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The word love has been overused in this society and has lost a lot of its meaning. People use the word love to describe just a feeling of butterflies that they have toward someone or something. However, the true meaning of love is so much more than this. When you love someone you do not just love their looks or the feeling you get in your stomach, but you love every little thing about them. You love them even through the difficult times. This is true love. This type of love is more than an affection, it is a power of its own; a power so strong that it is able to overcome all things. In the book Haroun and the Sea of Stories, the author, Salman Rushdie, uses this theme of true love all throughout the book. Rushdie shows us a perfect unity of love between the Plentimaw fishes. These fish are always loyal to each other and are with each other forever and ever. This is a great example of love, but it is in the difficulties in life that true love shows its colors. Rushdie argues that love overcomes obstacles, differences, and perceptions of beauty through the relationships of his characters. Rushdie tells us that love overcomes obstacles through the relationship of Haroun and Rashid. He uses the love between this father and son to show that love causes people to do whatever it takes for the other. The whole adventure to Kahani began when Haroun woke up and found a water genie in his bathroom working on the faucet. He stole his "wrench" and refused to give it back for one reason.…

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