Analysis Of Hamlet 's Inner Conflict Essay

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" Hamlet 's inner conflict is his self-reflective , confrontational nature combining with his experiences of anger , grief , and revenge on the murder of his father , betrayal from his friends and family , and confusion over his mother 's fast and sudden marriage . Hamlet 's inner conflict transforms his character , creates external tensions , and contributes to the debate about his motivation . Throughout the play , aspects of Hamlet 's change in character are unveiled by observing his thoughts , actions , and responses to certain situations . External tensions are created as a result of Hamlet 's changing character and his uncapableness to act on his motivation of avenging the death of his father ." . In Hamlet , the hero struggles internally to fulfill his destiny while externally seeking revenge for his father 's death . Hamlet 's inner conflict plays a key role in transforming his character of the play . Hamlet in the beginning is known as a noble , intelligent , and reflective person . As the events of the play unfold , Hamlet 's character starts to shift . The first and the most terrible thing to happen to him is the death of his father , King Hamlet . Of course Hamlet grieves over his father 's death . To add to his great loss , Hamlet returns home to discover that his mother married to his uncle Claudius . The haste of this marriage outrage and confuses Hamlet . " Within a month : ere yet the salts of most unrighteous tears had left the flushing in her galled eyes ,…

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