Gustave Courbet: The Rise Of Modernism

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Simply put modernism in a sense, is the resisting of the norm. Artists of the time who strayed away from the norm and used non-conventional techniques were seen as rebels. The use of avant-garde settings, tools, techniques and models, caused a rift in the emerging society, which essentially was the rise of modernism. Artists like Gustave Courbet and Edouard Manet all help with the formation of the new world with their new techniques and ideas.
Gustave Courbet was what some would look at as a rule breaker. He wanted to change the public’s way of viewing things and in order to do this he thought that he should stray away from the conventional ways of learning art, and portraying art. Courbet became influential for many artists after him, following
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Courbet’s contribution with his realistic approach, realism, and his portrayal of art so non-conventionally, was what modernism was about. He stepped out of the box of representation and refused to follow the outdated routines of art. His contribution caused other artist to as well follow the impressionist movement and depict art with realism. The techniques that Courbet coined became a movement for other artists, leaving the outdated techniques behind. Art was inspired by a more realistic approach, landscapes and peaceful portraits were no longer what was desired, and realism and truth became …show more content…
Both artists are responsible for inspiring and having a major impact on the works from artists of the realism and impressionism movements. They both strayed away from the classical way and represented art exactly how they felt it should be represented; that was depicting as is regardless of what was deemed as acceptable at the moment. They can both be accused of ignoring the traditional form of art and went for reality, which sometimes had a blurred context and is the reason why the Salons denied both artists. New techniques were used for their work, Manet who using what seemed to be a new technique of painting and Courbet using his thumb. Critics were barely in favour for the artists however Courbet did not mind the backlash as he held his own exhibition. Although Manet did not want to be associated with impressionism because he wanted to be featured in the Salons he continued creating art exactly how wanted

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