Analysis Of 'Impressionism Woman With A Parasol'

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British art critic, Matthew Collings, said in a documentary “Impressionism is the first movement to modern art” (Collings, "Impressionism Revenge of the Nice”). Have you ever taken an art class and felt like you just wanted to do something different from everyone else? To me there are two kinds of art teachers. There are ones that tell you what to do, what colors to use, without leaving room for experimentation. Then there are others that give you too much freedom, but no constructive criticism to improve. I personally am a firm believer in that you need to learn the rules in order to break them. You need to know anatomy first in order to pull off a certain pose that is not attainable; but credible because it was executed properly. Impressionism …show more content…
Instead of painting each flower within the grass with intricate detail, Monet just gives us the gesture of flowers by painting small brush strokes in a variety of colors. The clouds are well done and demonstrate impressionism at its finest, especially on the left side. On the left side of this painting, the obvious rough brush strokes that form the clouds almost remind me of ripples in water. If you close your eyes right now, try to picture the reflection of the sky mapped out onto water. Now imagine the distortion you’d see if someone threw a rock into the water. If you have successfully done that, the image you see should resemble the background of Woman with a Parasol. The last element I want to focus on in this picture is the movement of her dress and how the light bounces off of Monet’s wife, the lady in the painting. The wind in this scene looks is strong and is especially evident at the bottom of her dress. The folds in her dress caused by the wind seriously look like a chocolate and vanilla swirled ice-cream cone. The impressionist style further helps with the movement of this scene. The reason why I say her dress looks like a two colored swirled ice-cream is because the parasol she is holding messes up the direction of light, causing each fold to take on another shade of

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