Analysis Of Gulliver 's Travels By Jonathan Swift Essay

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When one thinks of Gulliver 's Travels, he/she thinks about a fairy tale. Perhaps even a children 's book about a giant in a town of little people. Or maybe the semi-successful G-rated movie with Jack Black. The truth is is that the real story is a deep, thought-provoking novel. It involves the nature of humans and the criticism of early eighteenth-century politics.
In 1726, Jonathan Swift wrote his successful satirical novel Gulliver 's Travels. The story involves a young middle-class surgeon named Gulliver in England. He embarks on several voyages to bizarre countries all around the world. Using allegory, irony, and motif, Swift used Gulliver’s adventure to criticize British politics at the time and human nature. To understand how Swift’s techniques represent his view of humanity in the novel, it is important to understand his background and the political context of England.
Born into poverty and given to his uncle at a young age, Jonathan Swift got his political knowledge from first-hand experience at a young age. After his uncle enrolled him into a prestigious grammar school, he continued his education at Trinity College in Dublin. At the time of his graduation in 1686, political turmoil broke out in England. This forced Swift to go to England where his mother recommended a mentorship under statesman Sir William Temple. Under him is where Swift became interested in politics as he ran many political errands for Temple. He wrote pamphlets and political memoirs until Temple…

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