Analysis Of Groundhog Day, Weather Reporter Phil Connors Essays

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What would you do if you had unlimited time and never aged? Life would be easy right? You might set bigger goals because you have all the time in the world to reach them. Well here is the kicker: you are living the same day over and over in a tireless loop. Not so fun now. With no end in sight, you begin to wonder when tomorrow will happen. In the movie Groundhog Day, weather reporter Phil Connors (Bill Murray) experiences this very same scenario on a work trip to a small town called Punxsutawney. Through each day he is challenged with the question of what he has to do to move on the next day. This movie is a primary example of behavioral skill development and nonverbal use of space and time because throughout each day it is clear that Phil learns something new about himself and others that help him build himself as a person. Phil learns to become a master at communication through each day, and it is clear to see that through the use of time as a nonverbal element. To continue his life, Phil has to change profoundly for the good of himself and the others around him. On his first day at Punxsutawney, Phil is very pessimistic and rude. It is clear to see that Phil refuses to be aware of the people around him because he is too self-absorbed to pay attention. When he wakes up again on February 2nd, he is the only one that knows he is reliving the same day in a tireless loop. Upon this realization, Phil starts to live the days as if there were no consequences. He seduces…

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