Analysis Of Gran Fury 's ' Silence = Death ' And Women Don 't Get Aids '

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For the comparative visual analysis of 1980s artwork assignment, I decided to investigate Gran Fury’s “Silence = Death” and “Women Don’t Get AIDS” looking at art and theatre’s social and political activism and its impact on society. The 1980s were very critical for the AIDS epidemic and there were constantly new discoveries. However, thousands of people were dying due to the lack of accurate information being presented to the public and the slow development of medicine was detrimental to finding effective treatments. This artist strongly shows the importance of AIDS as both social and political issues in his artwork. Both “Silence=Death” and “Women Don’t Get AIDS” focus on the lack of awareness and common misconceptions of the disease. The eighties decade was a time period that allowed art and the media to tell stories and serve as propaganda to gain the attention and approval across the country. Fury was among many passionate artists and activists that were adamant about AIDS awareness and spreading knowledge that would help save people’s lives in the future. In 1981, the first case of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, also known as AIDS, was found. However, the disease was known to be a gay-related immune deficiency (GRID) disease, which later was discovered to be a false notion since everyone can get the disease. Due to the lack of awareness and government assistance, gays and lesbians had to heavily campaign and protest for years in order to receive funding for…

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