Essay on Analysis Of ' Good News ' By N.t. Wright

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“Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in Earth, as it is in Heaven” (King James Version, Matt. 6:10). These words in small part epitomize the meaning of “good news” by N.T. Wright in his “Simply Good News”. Jesus Christ, the Son of God in full divinity and humanity, came to Earth as God incarnate and proved His authority as a part of the Trinity by dying and resurrecting three days later. Wright thus argues that Jesus’s coronation in addition to His teachings are more than merely advice; they are in fact good news. Advice implores while news informs; in opposition to being told do’s and don’ts, the gospel potently points us to a scandalous love that gives us the realization that sanctification is our fulfilment through the story of Jesus Christ. Humanity’s reception of the Son’s life catalyzes our every substance of being to desire to be holy and sanctified. In addition, Wright claims that instead of “[escaping] the earth to go to heaven, Jesus’ good news was about heaven coming to earth”, which ties into the beginning words of this essay (7). The author creates 7 general assertions as evidence for his thesis utilizing scripture and his contextualized thoughts on those primarily. The first declaration is that the gospel may be beyond what most would expect. In pertinence to 1 Timothy 2:7, Wright affirms that “Paul wasn’t like someone offering people a new type of torch so they could see better in the dark. He was like someone saying that the sun had risen, and that if you…

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