Analysis Of George Schaller 's ' The Snow Leopard, Tibetan Antelope, And Wild Yak '

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A man who is working a job that I aspire to have is George Schaller. The world is indebted to him for research of gorillas, pandas and many other animals on the endangered species list. From humble roots, he got his PhD from the University of Wisconsin and went on to save animals around the globe. He is a mentor in this line of work because of his variety of study and his success in animal awareness. Schaller focused on the conservation efforts of “the snow leopard, Tibetan antelope, and wild yak” for “nearly two decades” (Panthera). He has written books, and is honored with a multitude of awards for research. Schaller is a success because the years of his life dedicated on conservation efforts. In addition, he is revered for the positive results he has achieved with saving animals near extinction or presumed extinct. George Schaller began with a baccalaureate degree at the University of Alaska. He continued on to receive his doctorate. In 1956, Schaller got involved in conservation efforts with the Murie Expedition. The Murie Expedition, set out by naturalist, was a mission to make a reserve in the Alaskan wilderness. By participating in the Murie Expedition, he had the opportunity to meet leaders in the job field. After meeting people who worked in conservation, Schaller realized he wanted to have a bigger role. This is the experience that started his journey to become a conservationist. He started with research at Stanford, then John Hopkins and Rockefeller University…

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