Essay about Analysis Of George Orwell 's ' Anthem And George '

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English Midterm Essay
Adolf Hitler used fear tactics to control people. Control can be damaging in a society and no society really makes progress with control and oppression being their driving force.
Government oppression is a common theme in both Ayn Rand’s Anthem and George Orwell 's
1984. Anthem is set in a society where only the word “WE,” can be used. “I,” in this society, it is known as the Unspeakable Word. The main character, Equality, while he tries to fit in with his society, he cannot. He breaks down at the end of the book and reclaims who he is by using “I.”
He is not allowed to see/notice the opposite sex, but this is too restrictive for him and he elopes with Liberty at the end. 1984, is set in a dystopian society where sex is bad and can only be seen as part of a political act, which makes it the same for everyone. Winston, however, rejects the idea of sex just being purely a political act. He refuses to allow the government to take away the one huge part of his humanity. Government always oppresses individuals’ thoughts and relationships because being an individual destroys the government 's goal of control over their citizens. A big part of being human is being able to think about the opposite sex. In addition, love in sex is a huge part of what makes one an individual. However, in 1984, thoughts about sex are limited. Sex in 1984 is seen only as a way to produce children for the Party, and sex with love is seen as more of a political act. Winston says,”But…

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