Analysis Of George Orwell 's ' Animal Farm ' Essay

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Social forces are powerful in aiding readers to understand the author’s literary choices as they piece together an impeccable composition of literature. In the novella, “Animal Farm” authored by George Orwell, it depicts a brilliant satire on the oppressing economic and social conditions of the Russian Revolution through the form of an allegory. Literature reveals the construction of a flawed economic system, political corruption, and the impact of harsh social conditions. These social forces inspire the author’s work and the audience’s reaction.
Firstly, an economic system is developed from those who possess and maintain power. Various economic ideologies are presented which reflects the group’s values. Old Major, is a highly regarded leader on Animal Farm, who holds a firm belief that “whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy. Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings is a friend” (Orwell, 6). According to the Marxist theory, Karl Marx believed that the proletariat, known as the working class will eventually notice the oppression exerted upon them, as there will be a gap evident within the economic structure and a revolution will be born. Old Major’s views are a reflection of the hatred he presents against Mr. Jones, the bourgeoisie. The animals have been awakened, as they have a strong desire to become rich and free, producing for themselves rather than for others. Orwell displays this economic system in the novella as communism where social class is abolished. The…

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